About the recipes (and where to find them)

The recipes I use in this blog are from ‘Essence: Discover Flavours from the West Australian Coast’ by Kirsty Carre and Kristen Watts, published in 2007 by Essence Publishing. The drool-worthy photos are by Jason Thomas.

I sincerely thank them for inspiring me to get back in the kitchen and enjoy myself, and not be limited to ‘white rice with butter’ a la my five year old.

In keeping with copyright I am not publishing the full recipes on this site, but if you contact me at frommumtome@hotmail.com I will be able to help you if you want one in particular, or I can direct you to the authors themselves.

Unfortunately the book is not widely available (or else I would have bought my own copy and not stolen my mother’s) but it has been available on the PlanetVideo website so maybe if you ask them nicely, maybe they will get them back in stock.  
Some of the recipes I will be cooking include:

Breakfast Risotto
Fig and Honey Nougat Icecream
Sticky Beef Ribs
Salmon Tartare with Avocado
Broome Fish Parcels
Coriander and Mint Relish
Passionfruit Meringue cake
Potato and Feta Spring Rolls
Oyako Donburi
Beer Bread
Lemon and Almond Tart
and Ginger Cake

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  1. Sounds good - my household promises to taste test if your household gets tired of trying out new recipes!


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