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My name is Shannon and I am a writer, a cook, a mother, a blogger and a bit of a control freak (but funnily enough not in the kitchen). Actually I should clarify: I like ‘to cook’, but I am not ‘a cook’.
I am the author of Relentless, a blog about my life as the mother of three kids; I write for WeekendNotes; and have published a number of articles and short stories.

My approach to cooking is that while recipes are great for providing a structure, there is nothing more sexy than your imagination, and nothing more realistic than cooking with what you have available.
I love to eat and I love to cook ridiculous food for the people I love.

I will happily spend half a day cooking something you can devour in five minutes, if I think you will enjoy it [and let’s be honest, if I think you will appreciate it].

You can imagine then, how thrilled I am that my kids’ favourite food is white rice with butter.

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