About the M3V&BW project

I have totally pinched the idea from the ‘Julie and Julia’ book by Julie Powell who decided in 2002 to cook her way through the Julia Child’s classic ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. As she worked her way through the 536 recipes, she wrote a daily blog which recorded her journey through aspics and sauces and killing live lobsters.
The fact that her story was made into a Hollywood movie has absolutely nothing to do with my decision to start my own blog. (But if they do want to do a movie, I want Kate Winslet to play me).

I am doing this simply because it will combine some of my favourite things: cooking, eating, (drinking) and writing. I think it will be fun (and I don’t have to kill any crustaceans).
The cookbook I have chosen doesn’t technically belong to me. It’s my mums and she still doesn’t know I stole it. Written by two West Australians, Kirsty Carre and Kristen Watts, ‘Essence: Discover Flavours fromthe West Australian Coast’ is an exercise in food porn, each page is dripping with beautiful flavours and photos that make you lick your lips in a rather wanton manner.

The other thing that is special about this book, is it showcases local [Perth] fishmongers, grocers, bakeries and greengrocers. Local institutions such as Herdsman Fresh, Kailis Bros and the Fremantle Markets are featured and the authors suggest what items you should buy when visiting.
I love a fancy food shop, but I am also a mother of three small kids, so I pretty much do my food shopping at the local supermarket, so where I can, I offer slightly more mundane suggestions where an exotic ingredient is called for.

72 recipes. 12 months. I’m sure I can do it.

After all, we have to eat. And not a lobster in sight.

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